Women Build

Raintree Habitat for Humanity is having a women build! The groundbreaking is set to begin in early March 2024. Right now, we are looking for women to be involved in planning, fundraising, and volunteering for our women build home in order to empower women to get involved with their community, learn new skills, and build a home in partnership with a family in our community.

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What is a Women Build?

In a Habitat for Humanity Women Build, women work together to build the home. Our goal is connecting women with each other and their community as they learn new skills in a welcoming, positive environment. We are creating a space where women feel included and have the opportunity to partner with a local low-income family to build their future home. This is Raintree Habitat for Humanities first women build for about 10 years, and we are excited to start this program again!

Why should I get involved?

This project is not only a great opportunity to invest in our community, but also an opportunity to foster relationships between women! It is the perfect opprtunity to learn new construction and repair skills that are beneficial for any homeowner to learn. However, Raintree Habitat needs passionate, creative women who are eager to learn and serve their community for this project to run.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Planning Commitee: We are looking for women to form our planning committee. These women will form the team that plays the crucial role of planning and deligating things like fundraising, media coordination, event organizing, and we really need the great women leaders this project needs for success.
  • Volunteer at Build Site: We are looking for women volunteers to make up our build team. Absolutely no experience required! Our goal is to create a positive and welcoming environment for women to build community and learn new skills. We are parntering with Ivy Tech in Munice to have opprtunities available to learn more about construction basics if interested, and we will also have experienced people at the site to lead and teach.
  • Fundraising Committee: Fundraising is a crucial part of our builds to have them run smoothly and successfully. We are looking for creative women to help plan, organize and run some new fundraising campaigns as part of our fundraising committee. By joining this committee, you will both help us raise the funds required for this build and connect with other local women to get the word out for our projects goal!

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