At Raintree Habitat for Humanity, we’ve been busy. If you stop by to shop in the ReStore or visit the Habitat offices, you’ll see some new faces.

We’ve hired a new Executive Director, a new Project Manager, and Scarlet Daniel, our Bookkeeper, started last fall. With this new team, we hope to focus on community engagement by building a stronger volunteer program.

That being said, we’d love for you to get involved with our mission by volunteering. Currently, we have two building teams, TNT, our Retired Person Volunteer group, and the NCCC Building Trades program.

We’d love to add another team to our tool box. If your organization would like to help make dreams come true, contact me for more information.


Lora Langston, Executive Director

Habitat House New Castle Indiana


The last four months have been challenging to everyone, including Raintree Habitat for Humanity. We are not giving up or giving in.

Home construction by the dedicated volunteer team has been slowed down, but not stopped, during this time. Volunteers have adapted to the situation, and are no longer working as a team two days each week, but continue to work with only one or two people on site four or five days each week.

Due to the pandemic outbreak, and the subsequent closure orders, we had to close the ReStore on March 21st, and lay off the store manager and the cashier. With assistance from grants and forgivable loans, both employees were paid during the time off. The ReStore re-opened on May 21st and business has been above average.  Donations of usable item to the store increased due to everyone being off work and “cleaning house.”

Donated items are still needed, and we have resumed the pick-up of heavy items while maintaining social distancing. Call 765-529-3229 if you have items that need to be picked up.

We wish to thank Alan McCraine for his dedication and service to Raintree Habitat. Alan was one of the original founders in 1991, and he served as Executive Director for five years until his recent retirement.  He only has two jobs now, and we hope he continues to enjoy success in both.  Godspeed to you!

Ralph Willis, Board President


Got a Kroger card?

Just link Raintree Habitat for Humanity to your Kroger shopping card. Moving forward, all transactions associated with your account will be applied to the giving program.

Brush with Kindness

Would your church or organization like to get involved with helping our neighbors? We’re looking to partner with some local organizations to better implement our Brush with Kindness program.

We’ve discovered different ways to help fund much needed home repairs. For example, Home Depot and Lowe’s offer in-kind donations, church groups can sponsor a project, we offer low interest loans, and there are many community grants available. However, we are lacking the man power to implement this program.

Volunteers are needed on an on call basis as homeowner’s call in with needs such as: ramps, safety rails, and other small household repairs.
If your organization has people with these skills and wants to pay it forward, please contact the Raintree Habitat office. 765-388-2160

Quilt Ceremony


In 2021, Raintree Habitat for Humanity of Henry County will celebrate 30 years of service! Look for updates on Facebook: Habitat for Humanity ReStore Henry County Indiana, Twitter: @RaintreeHabitat, Instagram: RaintreeHabitat, and the website: We’ll celebrate throughout the year with special community events like an online silent auction you can join from the comfort of your own home, a Gingerbread House contest, and a motorcycle show. Look for kick-off events this fall.

During these trying times, we’re working with future homeowners to get them settled in as quickly as possible. On the following page, see the dedication invitation for our newest home. The family has been diligently working toward home ownership. With their sweat equity complete, they’ll be moving end at the end of July.

Our Spiceland build begins this fall. We’ve just got word that the Cadiz Christian Church is doing wall panel builds on October 1.

The Building Trades students have nearly completed the home on D Avenue. Unfortunately, due to Covid19 restrictions, this home is now on hold. School resumes August 5, so we hope the students can get back to work in mid August.

We’ve hired a Project Manager. Jeff Nunn is a longtime resident of Henry County. He owns Nunn’s Heating, Cooling, and Electrical. In the past, Jeff served as the Henry County Building Inspector. Jeff’s experience is a welcome asset for our home builds. He’ll work closely with volunteers to complete projects on schedule. Jeff’s first day was July 14.

project manager

In May, Lora Langston took over as Executive Director. Lora grew up in New Castle and graduated from the BSU Architecture program. For the past several years, she’s been focusing her talents on Digital Marketing. Lora hopes to build a strong sense of community at the Habitat office and looks forward to organizing future fundraising events.


Warren E. Hill
Died June 28, 2020 at age 96.
Warren was a dedicated, long-time volunteer who worked on the construction of many Raintree Habitat homes.


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